Our Customized Stonework

As leaders in the industry for over ten years, we are experienced with providing quality, customized stonework. Additionally, we landscape surfaces and lawns to both function at a higher level, while catering our service to meet your exact needs.

Remodeling is a tough process to handle on your own. Along with our extensive landscaping and lawn work. Luckily, we offer a suite of services to ensure we can exceed your expectations.

Masonry Services - Better Edge Lawn and Landscaping

Your Trusted Local Stonemason

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Our patio work is some of our favorite work. We can customize the surface material to exactly fit in with the aesthetic of your home.

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Our driveways are simple and quick to install. Our specialized installations include: asphalt, concrete, and brick driveways.

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Fire Pits

Fire pits are a beautiful addition to the home. We highly recommend these for more inclement weather, while also modernizing the appeal of your home.

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Pathways around your property need to be consistently maintained. Additionally, if you don’t like the surface or material in the first place, our path installation services are quick and simple to get started on.

What is Masonry?

When it comes to keeping your place solid and lasting, there’s a secret weapon often overlooked: masonry. Let’s break it down.

Masonry is basically the art of building stuff using bricks, stones, or blocks stuck together with mortar. It’s been around for ages, and for good reason—it’s super sturdy and has loads of perks:

  1. Durability: Masonry buildings can handle rough weather like a champ. They’re tough cookies, built to last through the years without breaking a sweat.
  2. Strength: Thanks to materials like bricks and stones, masonry adds serious muscle to your property. It holds up against heavy loads, meaning fewer worries about things falling apart.
  3. Looks Matter: Beyond being tough, mason work brings a classic vibe to your property. Think cozy brick walls or elegant stone facades—masonry makes your place look top-notch.
  4. Energy Saver: Here’s a cool thing—mason work keeps your place cozy without breaking the bank. Its thick walls help regulate temperature, saving you bucks on heating and cooling bills.
  5. Easy Upkeep: Unlike some other building methods, masonry is low maintenance. It’s resistant to fire, rot, and pesky critters, meaning less hassle for you over time.

So, whether you’re planning a renovation or building from scratch, don’t forget about masonry. It’s not just about walls—it’s about setting a strong foundation for your property to stand tall for years to come.

But that’s not all! Today’s masonry techniques have leveled up, offering even more possibilities. From eco-friendly materials to advanced construction methods, modern masonry keeps getting better. So, whether you’re aiming for a sleek, contemporary look or a timeless traditional feel, there’s a masonry solution that fits your style and needs. It’s like building a fortress that’s both sturdy and stylish—what’s not to love?

Add Beauty and Strength to Your Property with Masonry Services!

Our custom hardscaping installations elevate the value of your home. We use the best materials available to ensure that your installation lasts. Repairs can become expensive very quickly, which is why we get the installations right the first time. Maintenance cost is minimized, and we also take into account how your lawn needs to be protected. For the long term, there is no better service available. Call today to get started!